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10 April 2013 @ 01:11 pm
Epic of Medusa: Comic script and outline  
This script was not intended to be read like this when I wrote in six years ago and it's not been edited, so forgive its lousiness  it's mostly me trying to figure out dialogue, and then a n outline for the latter chapters which haven't been fully scripted.

But, if you really wanted to know what happened; Here's the rest of the first act! lemme spell check act II &III and I'll put those up

Chapter 3: Symposium

“So this is Thebes!”

Medi:“I’ve never seen this fruit before.”
Medi:“Oooh, look at these earrings!”
vendor: “Two Drachna”
Daphne: whistles, “We don’t have any money.”
A man hands money to the vendor.

man:“A lady as beautiful as you should have earrings. These frame your face nicely.”
Medi:“Thank you.”
“Are you going to the Symposium this evening?”
Medi:“I don’t know.”
“I would love to see you there.” He kisses her hand “tell them Ulysses invited you.”

He leaves. They giggle
Daphne:“Wow. He was cuuuute.”
Medi:“I’ve never been to a party!”
They walk away, Medusa plays with her earrings

Medi:“I’m nervous.”
Daphne:“You’ll be fine.”
Medi:“I-I don’t know what to do with my hands!”
a woman pours them a Kylix (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kylix_(drinking_cup)) “Welcome Ladies!”
Medi:“oh, thank you.”

Party montage.

Leo: “You my dear, have a divine figure!” the man circles her and pokes her bum. Medi slaps him. Daphne hits Medi over the head.
Daphne: “You just slapped Leonides”
Medi:“The creepy old man who touched my bum?!”
Daphne:“Leonides has been the Sculptor Laureate of the city for two decades. He’s done all of the recent sculptures in all of the town squares in all of the nearby states. He knows the Caesar.” (Venus statue flashback)
Daphne:“Oh, sir, I beg the greatest pardons!”
Leo: “It’s alright dear, I was just admiring exquisite proportions.”
Daphne: “Thank you sir. It’s an honor sir!”
Leo: “you should stop by the studio sometime.”
Medi:“Yes sir, anytime sir.”
Leo: “Leo my dear, just Leo. And no more bowing.”
Medi: “Leo. . .”

Daphne says “that was fun.”  Medusa looks inspired wearing different earrings,  a necklace and a bracelet. “even more awesome than I imagined.”

Daphne:“There were so many cute boys.”
Medi: “yeah.”
Daphne:“I wonder who will pursue to court me . . .”
Medi: “What?”
Daphne:“I bet it Apolodus will, or that red headed -”
Medi:“Court you?”
“Yeah, I’ve got to marry someone here. I love this town!”

Medi: “I thought you said love was bad?”
Daphne:“oh, well it was.”
Medi:“but. . .”
Daphne:“Oh, you know, we all get upset like that,”  punches her on the shoulder. “heh”
Medi: “You'll still . . . marry someone?”
Daphne:“well, yeah what else would I do become an old spinster? Can’t party like this forever! Gotta get married eventually.Are you okay?”
Medi: “Yeah.”

Daphne:“Some one out there is bound to catch your fancy.”
Medi getting upset now: “What’s the point even?”
Daphne:“Hey, I know it seems like you’ll never find mister Perfect, Here’s a secret, He doesn’t exist.”
Medi:“What? No I-”

Daphne:“But! Someday you will find someone so substantially special that you will love them for their humanity, and they will love you for yours;they’ll adore your quirks and love your big head or loud voice, or well, anything you find out is wrong with you.”
Medi: “Nothing’s wrong with me!”

Daphne:“He won’t be perfect, no one really is, But he’ll take care of you and you’ll live happily ever after. I promise.” Touches her nose.
Medi: “You’re so wise. . .”
Daphne: “No, I’ve just lived and learned a little.”

Chapter 4: Months later

Leo sketching : “Good afternoon, my Pearl.”
Medi, walking into studio inturrupting:“I heard news that one of our pieces was placed in the Caesar’s gallery.”
Leo: “is it a surprise, dear? Your figure has been my greatest–”
Voice from around corner(the direction of Leo's sketch): “May I move, Leonides?”  Medi apologetically giggles. Leo’s eyes roll.
Leo: “Yes, Yes Perseus.” Medi’s eyes pop.
Medi: “Perseus! The Perseus?” She tries to run around to see him, Leo grabs her to stop her gawking. ”Who slay’d the beasts of Traal and saved the Caesar from a dragon!”
Percy: “I will be back.” A door slams. Medi’s face falls.
Medi: “Was he nude?” eyebrows.
Leo blushes: “Lords no! He was just having a bust done for the scholar’s building.”
Medi strokes the cheek of the uncompleted bust's face: ”Wow.”
Medi: “I must meet him”

Leo: “He never fidgets or slouches, but he dislikes sitting so stiffly. Antsy man. Perfect figure, though. I should like to get you together in a piece.”
Medi:“Really?!” He digs through some papers.
Leo: “Perhaps the recent skirmish between Baccus and Ariadne(eh?) would do.” Medi smiles at the sketch she is handed.

Later, in the studio Medi and Percy pose for a sculpture while leo sketches. Medi is in her own little world, face close to Percy's.
Medi:“So, Do you sit for sculptures often?”
Percy: “No.”
Medi:“But you agreed to this one?”
Medi:“Why this one?”
Percy:“We’re supposed to be still.”
Medi:“That’s a silly reason.” She gestures.
Leo: “Medi, Stop moving.”
Medi: “Oh.” She blushes.
SUDDENLY a giant Dragon/serpant thing crashes into the building. Perseus pushes her out of the way. He uses a statue to knock out the dragon. He offers Medusa a hand up. She is in shock.
Medi: “Wow. My hero.”
Percy, a little uncomfortable holding out his hand, and shifty eyed: “I swear these beasts come looking for me.” Medi finally takes his hand-up.
Medi still wide-eyed and out of it: “Thank you. Would you like to come to a party tonight? I should like to show off my savior.” Percy offers up a reluctant smile.

yamamoto_kou on April 11th, 2013 03:50 pm (UTC)
Oh! It's been such a long time since you updated. Um, does you posting up this script mean that you're not drawing things out anymore or...?
__lys_fleurx__ on April 11th, 2013 05:17 pm (UTC)
I haven't drawn any more pages for this. I'd really like to re-do it one day but I am not currently working on that.