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11 April 2013 @ 01:15 pm
Act II script  


Chapter 5

Daphne answers the door: “Who is this handsome date of your’s Medusa?”
Medi: “Daphne, this is Perseus.”
Daphne exclaims in a shrill fan girl voice: “Perseus the Great appearing at my Party. I’m so honored.” She shouts inside: “Nathanael bring this hero some wine!”
Medi glances apologetically at Percy.

Party scenes. Percy looks quite uncomfortable in all of them. Medi gets Percy out of there for a walk in the quiet outdoors.

Percy: "I should tell you about that beast earlier-"
Medi: "The water dragon? or sea- either way, thank you so much!"
Percy: "No, no, not like that. I should tell you it's my fault it came there and ruined your friend's studio . . ."

next page is a flash back Percy at age seven or eight sits at a small stone table in a garden with a tea set on it. A little girl (aged 4-5) sits between him and an older boy (aged 10-12) and some various birds and animals are perched nearby.

Girl: spouting some cute little girl tea party nonsense.
Boy mouth-full: I really like these cookies, do you have anymore?
Girl, smacks him: You need to be polite. You are in society. Percy, he is a gentleman.
Boy makes a face at percy who is remaining sadly quiet in the face of these agressors.
Girl: Percy i am going to knight you.
Percy: Thank you lady Sophia.
Girl: Perseus, you are the knight of cookies! Now, put that man in the dungeon. (Percy stands up. Suddenly all the birds leave and a big animal shows up {wolf?}. the girl screams and runs away. the boy drops his plate of cookies. The animal showing no agression walks up to percy who is getting freaked out.)
Percy: NO! go away! (he throws a cookie at it, but it sits in front of him. he reaches out a hand to it, curious. A motherly figure shows up and scoops percy, the only one remaining in the garden, up and runs away with him.)

Percy still walking with medusa: It just wanted- i don't know- to be my friend?
(the same woman carries Percy in a more careful manner into a temple and sets him before a line of shrouded women. One in the middle an eye painted over her veil sits in a throne-like chair, and lifts her arms up in a holy gesture, removing her veil, she is very old and her eyes are closed.)
Oracle: Yes, you were right to bring him to us, Danae. (She places her hands on his face, and her eyes open, clouded with blindness. Percy squirms as she squishes his face in a little.) He is the one. The beasts will come to him, and they shall be destroyed. You will rid this land of all the great monsters that have been left to terrorize us.
Percy still walking with medusa: ... I no longer attracted the singing birds or the soft rabbits my sister so loved, nothing smalleer than that wolf  ever came to me again. I do not know if they heard that prophecy or or if the prophecy changed them, but- it hasn't been the same.

Chapter 6
Medi and daphne sit somewhere in debate.
Medi: “Of course I admire Percy he is a Hero.”
Daphne: “Well, then we all admire him the same.”
Medi: “You did squeal when you saw him.”
Daphne: “You have fallen in love, Medi. Accept his offer!”
Medi: “Oh, what nonsense. I am well fortified against that make-believe.”
Daphne: “You don’t truly believe that curse devoid you of your love? Pah! you’re just afraid of it.”
Medi: “I had no love to start with.”
Daphne: “Love is not tangible, Medusa, some people do not even realize when they have it. Love is like a vinyard which grows from a seed that does not resemble it’s end fruit.” She lifts her glass to it. “You may have become blind to it’s slow growth, but I have seen you none the happier than the last few months which you have been courting Perseus.”
Medi: “I do like that I am not his something to flaunt, but that I am his friend. I like that he confides in me and when he forgets that other people are around, and the way he says my name. . .” her chest starts to glow.
Daphne: “You do love him.”
Medi: “I do not.” She snaps, and her chest stops glowing.
Daphne: “Would you marry him were he not rich?”
Medi: “How would he care for me?”
Daphne:“With love, Medusa, With love." Medi scoffs at her, "You want to be taken care of? You don’t need a man. You’ve got your fame and glory, and you could care less about him.”
Medi: “I care!” Her chest begins to light up again, though no one is noticing.
Daphne: “He is a kind soul, and you should not play with his emotions.” She’s begun to cry.
Medi: “No, no, I do care-" She's getting brighter again.
Daphne: “If you do not love him you will ruin his heart in this marriage.”
Medi: "I do! I do love him! Stop-" she vanishes. Scene remains with Daphne to see her surprised reaction. She pours out the rest of the wine she was drinking.

One small panel of medi's heart in a jar on a shelf emitting the same light that medi was (because you know glowing objects are magical of course).

Chapter 7

Medi sits in shock, alone in a dark apothecary-looking room filled with strange objects emitting strange lights.

Venus appears in the room holding a jar with a rock in it, looking smug and pissed.

Venus: “You lying beast!" she throws the jar at the shelf above Medi's head. "You will give back your gift, at once!" Medi is too shocked to do anything. Venus get's angrier, "I will make you the most hideous unlovable monster that any man ever laid eyes on."

She transforms Medusa back into her old crumply green haired, tomato-nosed self, but she is older now.

Venus' face is transformed with hatred. She holds Medi in front of a mirror: "Let's seeeeee, " Venus hisses into her ear, "how he likes you now." {fun fact: Aphrodite is actually Perseus' great great great great evil stepmother!}

Medi is transported seamlessly to Leo's studio, still frozen in the pose venus was holding her. She can hear Perseus discussing with Leo in the other room. She remains still in shock, and then tries to leave quietly knocking over a whole pile of rolls of sketches. she places her hands over her face in embarrassment. Perseus and Leo come around the corner.
Leo: "Who's there?"
Percy spots her: "Medi, are you alright?"
Medi: "How do I look?" she moves her hand away from her nose.
Percy: "oh gods, it's swollen really bad, what happened."
Medi starting to cry: "It's n-not swollen it's just like that."
Percy very serious face: "Medi, what happened?"

I'll finish spell checking and labeling everyone's dialogue in Act III (the end) this weekend.